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​Liz Cascio Health Coaching

Whole Foods,


     Delicious Living!

​Stop Dieting,

Start Living

According to the CDC, at any given time two-thirds of Americans are on a diet.  Two-thirds of Americans are also overweight or obese. Coincidence?   Here's the bottom line: DIETS DON'T WORK. LIFESTYLE CHANGE DOES.  We'll work together to move your overall dietary pattern towards foods that work with your body's natural mechanisms for hunger and satiety.  No complicated equations, no measuring or portion-controlling, and NO HUNGER EVER.


Eat Whole

(and love it!)

Healthy eating is simple, put good stuff in, get good stuff back.  Gain the knowledge you need to achieve optimal health and weight loss by learning to choose the whole nutritious foods your body is designed for and knows how to count.  Then we'll work together to make those foods delicious and easy to prepare. 



There are a lot of dietary theories out there, but without evidence to back it up, it's just theory.  As a wellness educator and health coach, I have trained and worked with medical professionals on the cutting edge of nutrition and lifestyle medicine.  As my client, you will be coached in a diet and lifestyle that has been proven by top physicians and medical researchers to be safe and effective in the prevention and reversal  of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and obesity.

Ready for health without the hype? 

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